Lost out in love? Here’s how to get over it ...

The five-star South Lodge Hotel where the two-day 'recovery retreat' is to be held next month
The five-star South Lodge Hotel where the two-day 'recovery retreat' is to be held next month

Lovelorn people facing heartache are being offered new help to get over the loss of their soulmates.

A special ‘recovery retreat’ is to be held at a ‘heartbreak hotel’ on the edge of Horsham - but it may be that your love loss is not the only thing that brings tears to your eyes.

Divorce coach Sara Davison

Divorce coach Sara Davison

The two day retreat - being organised at the five-star South Lodge Hotel at Lower Beeding - costs nearly £800.

However, that includes advice and guidance from the UK’s leading break-up and divorce coach Sara Davison who says the two-day workshop has been designed to help individuals going through a break-up or divorce to ‘better navigate the process, and learn simple tools and techniques on how to cope and manage the emotional and mental turmoil that is often experienced as a result of divorce.’

And, she adds: “Breaking up with a loved one is an extremely painful process and causes a huge ripple effect across your whole life.

“It can turn your world upside-down and be very overwhelming.

“During my own divorce I realised that there was a lack of help and support to help you cope with the specific emotional and practical challenges that you inevitably have to face.

“This retreat is designed to give you the emotional help and practical support you need when your whole world is changing and helps you to get back in control of your life again.”

Sara helps people to identify ‘personal areas of concern and specific negative patterns’ that are holding them back, as well as providing techniques to help people deal with difficult everyday situations that arise with break-ups such as telling others that the relationship is over, dealing with family and friends, splitting up the marital home, and how to cope with becoming a single parent.

Behavioural change expert Jules MacMillan will also join Sara to help individuals ‘change restricting behaviour patterns and better equip them with the tools and strategies to be able to cope with the challenges that follow.’

Guests will work with Sara and Jules to create a personal plan of action to rediscover their identity, feel empowered and set achievable goals to move forward.

“The retreat is a chance to escape from the daily routine and take some time out to focus on yourself, and an opportunity to meet like-minded people going through similar challenges in their lives.”

The retreat, the second of its kind, is on May 21 and 22 and is said to be suitable for anyone considering divorce, already going through the process or still struggling to move on.

See www.saradavison.com for more.