Lodge Hill launches modular programme

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The Lodge Hill Trust has launched ChallengeU, a unique outdoor activity based early intervention programme for young people who have disengaged with society or education, including those who have offended or who are in danger of offending.

The modular programme is based at Lodge Hill, near Pulborough, West Sussex; in its own 32 acres of woodland overlooking the South Downs National Park.

ChallengeU tackles behavioural and offending issues with more than diversionary activities. It takes a holistic approach, opening avenues and opportunities for young people to realise their capabilities, aiming to help them gain confidence, build self-esteem and attain life skills.

Young people coming on the programme will face a robust approach with consistent boundaries and structured stimulating days. The modules focus on the individual, challenging their attitudes and promoting pro-social behaviour.

The provocatively named ChallengeU works with referring agencies towards targeted outcomes for each individual. The programme is based on outdoor activities under qualified supervision, and as the approach adopted is entirely holistic it helps young people to re-engage.

This robust project takes young people on a pathway to adulthood, tracking the distance they travel, and providing an achievement journal so that their milestones of success are clearly identified, with the ultimate aim of successful employment in society.

Contact Jamie Gordon, Project Coordinator, at jamie@lodgehill.org.uk or phone 01798 831411 for further details or to make a referral.

Report contributed by the Lodge Hill Trust.