Locals speak of ‘tragic’ Pulborough death

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Village residents have spoken of the ‘tragic’ incident in which a woman died after a collision with a lorry this morning (Thursday August 16).

The woman, believed to be in her 70s, died at the scene on Lower Street in Pulborough.

Emergency services were scrambled to the A29 junction just before 7.30am.

Terri Barber, 44, member of staff for Hamilton Cole TV and digital company, said: “I came down Lower Street this morning and realised everyone was turning around, so I went the other way through the village to get to work.

“I got into work at 8.20am and we suddenly realised ‘gosh, we’ve got it on CCTV’. We played it back and saw the lady walking just in front of the shop and down towards the roundabout.

“She crossed the road and then - the police said she must have lost her footing - and then we saw the lorry.

“She was going out shopping, she had her bags with her. Watching it, I just felt sad really.”

Mark Hazlewood, 44, resident of Lower Street, said: “I was asleep when it happened but I got woken up by the sirens.

“I was speaking to an officer - I made them tea - and he said the person had tripped on that drain cover.

“When it happened at 7.30am the whole area was blocked with traffic. There were ambulances, police cars, a helicopter overhead. Police taped off the road.

He continued: “We’re amazed there are not more accidents out here, people come hacking round here. We have a concealed entrance just after the roundabout, and the amount of times we’ve had people hit there brakes and screech right behind us.

“It’s a tragedy, and puts things into perspective for that sort of thing to happen on your doorstep.”

One witness of the incident said congestion was seen as far up as Bury Hill.

Sussex Police are appealing for witnesses. Anyone with information can contact 101 quoting Operation Melrose.