Local charity joined by David Attenborough

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A KINGSFOLD charity, has been joined by David Attenborough to highlight the plight of the world’s great apes.

Care for the Wild International (CWI) co-hosted ‘Hope 4 Apes’ with Sir David in the heart of London’s West End.

Conservation experts from around the world united to publicise the desperate plight of the critically endangered apes.

The key speakers, along with Sir David, were Ian Redmond OBE, Dr Jane Goodall DBE, Chanee (Aurélien Brulé), Dr Birute Galdikas and Dr Jo Thompson.

The funds raised will support ape conservation projects. All the ape species that were discussed are either endangered or critically endangered due to threats including habitat loss, hunting and the illegal pet trade.

Rebecca Taylor, CWI Campaigns Manager said: “Human activities are putting all of the great ape species at risk, and urgent action is required now if we are to protect them for generations to come.

“CWI was very proud that several of our eminent supporters and trustees were able to accompany us at this very important and timely event.

Speaking at the event Sir David said: “Amidst all the worrying reports of their decline, it is encouraging to learn the Ape Alliance does indeed have hope for apes, for their survival in their natural habitat is inextricably linked to our own,”