LETTER: ‘report needs to be made available’

IF COUNCILLOR Jonathan Chowen is so comfortable with the leisure study report recommending closure perhaps he will ensure it is made widely available to council taxpayers.

A report costing £6,000 could not possibly examine the issues in depth. There certainly could have been no consultation with users.

As an OAP regular user of the centre for 20 visits a month over a period of nine years I have observed the lack of preventive maintenance carried out by the council despite the best efforts of the onsite maintenance staff.

Nothing else can explain why a centre built only 25 years ago requires a staggering amount (circa £1.3m) to be spent on fabric maintenance and upgrading now.

Might I suggest Mr Chowen visits the centre (I assume he is not a regular user) and discusses the rationale for closure to some of the residents making the 197,000 visits annually. Displacement of these visitors will lead to even greater congestion at the Pavilions car park, no doubt enhancing council income.

Should the council be looking for land for mixed use development I commend to them the large industrial site off Parsonage Road now used for Gatwick Airport car parking.


Foxleigh Chase, Horsham