LETTER: ‘kite flying?’

IT REALLY is very worrying when councillor Jim Rae purports to bring his ‘financial experience’ to the district council and yet doesn’t seem to know the difference between £330,000 to be spent in the first year, £240,000 for each of the next five years as per the consultants’ report, and to quote councillor Rae ‘to pour the millions into BBHLC’.

Either this is kite flying of mammoth proportions or he simply doesn’t know the difference.

Mind you if he hasn’t checked the consultants’ professional credibility then we may end up with another Acorn waste collection scheme which I seem to recall went £800,000 over budget.

The fact that no one seems to have prepared detailed work programmes means all figures quoted are at best fiction and at worst negligent.


Laughton Road, Horsham