Letter: Disgraceful decisions in Horsham

THE COUNCIL’S decision to sell Horsham’s old town hall and close Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre is an utter disgrace.

The cabinet which voted for this is comprised of councillors none of whom lives in Horsham town. If they care for Horsham at all it should be for its people first and then Horsham’s historic attractions and not just for money.

Where’s the democracy in this? We are in a dictatorship where councillors seldom show signs of intelligence, employing consultants to do the thinking for them.

The people that pay the piper should call the tune! Where’s the Christian ethic in this constant dictatorship?

We should love our neighbours as ourselves, working within our resources which are presently lavished on the councillors and council employees.

Fancy offering the new director of corporate services an annual salary of £89,700 when the council says it is strapped for cash. Fancy paying every councillor £4,665 just to sit in the council chambers (see my previous letter to the County Times on April 2, 2010).

It was not so in the days of Stan Parsons. Councillors then worked as a vocation for the people and only got genuine expenses scrutinised by an independent examiner.

The rot has already reached Parliament. For goodness sake, let’s stop it before it reduces the majority to penury.


Highlands Road, Horsham