LETTER: Discrepancies in numbers

I WENT to the cabinet meeting about the Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre and I was struck by one of the very few, maybe the only, specific attendance statistics of the centre quoted that evening.

The statement was I think made by Jonathan Chowen and went something like ‘as an illustration of the under usage of the facilities ‘The Tube’ is only used by 27 persons a week’.

Shocking, what a white elephant, close it down.

Wait a minute, I go to the over-50s table tennis on a Thursday in The Tube with 20 to 25 other people. Oh, and at the same time one leg of The Tube is being used for archery.

Oh, and the table tennis ends at 11 because they need to clear away the tables to make way for the trampolining. And that is just one morning!

And did I hear that around 140 children use it during the week for trampolining and Jumping Juniors use it and junior cricketers and disabled trampoliners and several children’s parties making use of bouncy castles etc and on Thursday, December 8, 76 young athletes used it? Then there is Blue Star Harriers, pole vaulters - need I go on?

So how has this enormous discrepancy in numbers come about? I see three possibilities.

1. Whoever compiled the statistics had not a clue what they were doing. So what weight can one put on any other statistics they have compiled?

2. Maybe only athletes using The Tube as a running track were counted. All other activities in The Tube counting for nothing. Applying the same logic presumably the people doing Tai Chi in the table tennis hall are also not counted as they are not playing table tennis!

3. Maybe I misheard and the councillor said The Tube is only used by a minimum of 300-400 hundred people a week’!

Come on Horsham District Council, tell us which is the correct one.

It leads me to the conclusion the statistics are being wholesale and cynically manipulated to support the case for the leisure centre closure, a decision that in the eyes of many people was taken long before the charade of the cabinet meeting on November 24.


BBH Over Fifties Club

Park Road, Slinfold