LETTER: Community action to preserve leisure centre

IS IT in the realms of possibility that the time, energy and effort of this impressive, passionate and heart-warming protest could be channelled into a community determination to take action to preserve BBHLC?

A community committee could be formed, first to discuss a legally binding position vis-a-vis future management etc with the council and then go all out to stimulate activity designed to raise funds towards essential work that is required now, and going forward, to maintain the centre.

The possibility of sponsored walks, swims, coffee mornings and other events are endless and any compassionate, caring Conservative council would, I am sure, make a significant grant or contribution as would local businesses and organisations. I am confident that there is no truth in the assertion often made that the only playing fields any Conservative cares about are the playing fields of Eton.

Personally I am over the hill, but would happily put up the first £100.


Sproutes Lane, Coolham