LETTER: cinema on centre site?

I READ with dismay the news of the intended closure and demolition of Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre next year.

No doubt after Horsham DC’s leader Robert Nye’s guarded comments, about the future of this very valuable site, there will be much speculation.

Well, don’t look now, but one possibility is a multi-screen cinema. This occurred to me after reading in the trade magazine ‘Cinema Technology’ about a recent agreement between Reel Cinemas and Tesco Stores to develop a cinema site in West Bromwich in 2012.

Reel Cinemas already operates a chain of 14 multi-screen cinemas in the UK, and is due to open four more in the coming months, and is reported to be ‘looking for more new sites’.

Could they be heading this way? No wonder Robert Nye has a smile on his face. ‘Seats in all parts!’


Fairfield Court, Cowfold