LETTER: Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre - ‘a valuable asset’

TO LIVE in today’s world seems to mean one long fight.

A fight to get into the school of one’s choice, a fight for hospital treatment, a fight to make one’s income stretch to the necessities of life, a fight to save our lovely countryside from urban sprawl and now a fight to save the leisure facilities which the council provided for us only 25 years ago.

I am horrified to learn that Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre, in which I have played badminton since the early 1990s, is doomed for closure.

Does our council ever think before it acts? Does it put itself in the position of the ordinary residents of Horsham district?

Hundreds of people of all ages from toddler to octogenarian make use of the facilities offered at Broadbridge Heath each week. Is the council going to find equally good facilities for each one of us so that our exercise and fitness programme will continue uninterrupted?

The social aspect is equally important. We all know that meeting people is an important part of living a happy life.

As far as badminton is concerned, where will they find us a hall with three courts and a club room as we have at the moment and make good use of? Where will the Junior Badminton Academy be rehoused - or will it? Where will the Thursday 50+ Group find so many diverse facilities? At the moment they are well catered for and can use the buses or park cars easily.

It is outrageous that Horsham District Council can consider that the leisure centre is surplus to requirements and I challenge them to find every single user an alternative venue in Horsham with a similar range of facilities.

The owner of a property usually makes sure maintenance is ongoing throughout the year. Perhaps if the council had followed this pattern there would not be such a financial burden.

We all pay rates and there are more and more people doing this as the number of houses increase. So much for the government which urges all of us to encourage our families away from the computers and enjoy exercise, socialise and stay fit and healthy.

The council should not take away that which we all subscribe to and which is such a valuable and much appreciated asset.


Queensway, Horsham