LETTER: a number of questions

I AM AMAZED at the plans to demolish Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre. A number of questions spring to mind:

Was an ‘oversupply’ of sports halls mentioned when the Pavilions in the Park was built?

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre and why has it been allowed to deteriorate to the extent that it now needs so much repair work?

If the council is promising to find alternative accommodation for the clubs who currently use the centre, how much is that going to cost?

Could the interior be redeveloped to provide the indoor tennis facilities that are apparently lacking in the district?

Presumably the occupants of the new houses planned for the district will also want a leisure centre. We are all encouraged to take more exercise and to make fewer car journeys yet it is considered sensible to demolish Broadbridge Heath Centre, sending the current users further afield. And in Olympics year! Is the council ‘having a laugh’?

As with the shameful waste of the Old Town Hall, I feel it’s another own goal for the council.


Bens Acre, Horsham