Lee has two sides to him - hairdresser and life mentor

JPCT 26-10-12 S12440275M Lee Cuddis, Coneyhurst. Hairdresser and lifestyle coach -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT 26-10-12 S12440275M Lee Cuddis, Coneyhurst. Hairdresser and lifestyle coach -photo by Steve Cobb

In the gloom of a recession, people are losing hold of their jobs, homes and marriages. If you’re at risk of a life crisis, why not get a haircut? Lee Cuddis might be able to solve all your problems.

Hairdresser and life mentor, the 44 year-old Coneyhurst resident has set up a new vocation in life to transform the outside and inside of his customers.

Lee elucidates: “I make a person feel good outwardly with the hair and inwardly with the mentoring.”

Lee may not be your likley candidate for a life coach, but his journey from the depths of depression to the top of success has taught him a great deal about the art of positive thinking.

“I was the franchisee of Horsham’s Toni & Guy for 16 years, but I was in so much debt.

“I ended up losing my job, my home and stuck in a loveless marriage.”

In fact, it was Lee’s soon-to- be-ex-wife who recommended he should watch a motivational DVD by nationally acclaimed empowerment coach, Sue Stone.

“I’ve heard that you have around 60,000 negative thoughts a day in your head.

“People are basically programming themselves to think and feel negatively.

“So if you think positively you get the opposite outcome in life.”

In the face of anxiety, Lee decided to take Sue’s advise and surround his life with more enlightening aspects.

“I stuck pictures of things I wanted on to the wall and looked at them every day.

“Then I started to reprogramme my way of thinking.

“It’s amazing how just by getting rid of all the negativity you can start living the dream.”

Now enjoying a new career and living on four acres of farmland in West Chiltington Lane with the love of his life, Lee has accomplished what many people can only imagine.

Sceptics may argue that his unusual approach is not a proven route to success, but Lee disagrees.

“Counselling is a recognised profession but focuses on the past. For life coaching there’s no qualifications, but people who teach it have been there themselves and look to the future.”

With his own experience, Lee has begun offering clients not only new hairdos, but a new outlook too.

“When I started learning about this positivity stuff, I realised I’d been doing this for 29 years as a hairdresser anyway.”

Separating the two talents into two jobs, Lee has set up his new business, Meraki.

“It’s like I’ve split my personality into two sides.”

If you want to start a ‘new you’ and expel all that negative energy, give Lee a call on 07545460522 or drop him an email on info@meraki.uk.com. To learn more about the man and his extraordinary double life visit www.meraki.uk.com.