Learn about your hearing at ‘Hear-Here’ information day


A unique opportunity to learn more about your hearing and the help available will be held in Horsham on Tuesday September 9.

South East Hearing Care Centre, independent hearing healthcare experts, are hosting the first ever ‘Hear-Here!’ information day on the September 9 at Park Barn, North Street, Horsham.

It is designed to raise awareness on all hearing related health issues and emphasise the need for hearing preservation, hearing loss prevention and hearing correction.

According to the RNID, around 9 million people are hearing impaired in the UK and this figure is likely to rise. However, many people are reluctant to wear hearing aids due to not wanting to draw attention to a problem often associated with ageing.

As a result only 2 million people wear a hearing aid and enjoy the benefits of better hearing.

As there will be four of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers present on the day, visitors can expect demonstrations of the latest technology, video-otoscopy, where a tiny camera is inserted into the ear and shows the outer ear canal and ear drum.

South East Hearing Care Centre experts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and advise on how to protect your ears against noise.

There will also be inforamtion on the discreet hearing solutions and custom made ear protection products including the world’s first and only extended wear hearing aid, Lyric, that can be worn for three months at a time without the need for batteries or daily insertion or removal.

There will be light refreshments and information goody bags to take away on the day.

South East Hearing Care Centres will be holding the Hear-Here! Information days annually across Kent and Sussex and are please that the first will be in their home town Horsham.

For more information please visit www.hearingcarecentres.co.uk or phone 01403 218863 to register your interest.