Last ever Ladies’ Lunch at South Lodge sparkles

Dominic Sakakini
Dominic Sakakini

On Monday June 6, South Lodge Hotel near Horsham and a group of some 42 local ladies from all walks of life and backgrounds celebrated the last ever Ladies’ Lunch to be held at the stunning venue.

To mark the occasion, and to add a touch of sparkle and drama, award-winning local diamond expert Dominic Sakakini of Sakakini Jewellers in Horsham joined the group and took the guests on a fascinating journey into the world of diamonds.

Local ladies have been able to enjoy the monthly meeting of the Ladies’ Lunch for many years as an opportunity to enjoy South Lodge’s fine cuisine and to come together and meet old friends and new.

And as the sun shone down on the stunning grounds, the guests enjoyed a three-course meal with views across to the South Downs and a fascinating presentation by Dominic.

Guests were able to handle a mixture of very enviable diamonds including a rare pink and yellow diamond, as Dominic took them back in time tos the volcanoes that created diamonds three billion years ago and to the diamond mines of De Beers in South Africa, before explaining his own personal journey to becoming one of the region’s best known diamond experts.

Dominic also explained how he cuts out the middle men of the trade and goes direct to the diamond mines and how that enables him to sell diamonds at wholesale prices. He then went on to tell the group some of the secrets to buying diamonds as an investment and making impressive returns (of up to 30% a year!) as well as what to look for when choosing a diamond.

Sakakini Jewellers hosts quarterly events at different venues and also runs The Sakakini Diamond Club which offers all members the chance to buy diamonds and jewellery at wholesale prices, as well as enjoy invitations to some of their events.

There will be another opportunity to hear Dominic speak at South Lodge at an exclusive event to be held on September 15.

The event will be held in the wine cellars followed by a meal in their award winning restaurant. To book call the hotel on 01403 891711.