Last chance to get Lions’ youth funding

JPCT-28-09-11 S11401048a Lions Youth Project 2011, awards, County Hall North, horsham. Naomi Fry  -photo by steve cobb
JPCT-28-09-11 S11401048a Lions Youth Project 2011, awards, County Hall North, horsham. Naomi Fry -photo by steve cobb

Horsham Lions, supported by West Sussex County Times, were delighted with the success of their First Youth Award two years ago when 27 applicants received help with their educational needs and projects.

This year The Lions have already received 16 applications from a broad range of local clubs and individuals one of which is to provide two training mats for the young cricketers at Horsham Trinity Cricket Club.

The Cricket Coaching Mat teaches youngsters to improve their batting. Basically the mats have footmarks where the feet should be placed to play a particular shot and works brilliantly in the back garden or in a school or club setting.

Financial awards will again be made to the young people of Horsham in need of support with regard to their further education or apprenticeship.

Help will be given to teenagers travelling abroad to do charity work in support of a less fortunate community .

Youngsters hoping to pursue further education, young musicians who may need help with instruments, and apprentices with tools to purchase.

These are all for individual applicants but youth organisations and clubs that exist to help with the disabled and frail, youth clubs involved with sport and other activities such as conservation or environmental projects are also eligible to apply. A grant could be used to help with sports equipment or put towards an outing organised for the disabled and handicapped.

Grants of up to £500 will be made to local youth organisations and individuals between the ages of 13 and 18 years as at 31 August 2013.

Grants are not available for normal expense items of running a youth club or organisation and applicants must show that they are also contributing by raising funds themselves.

If the total cost of their project is more than £500 they need to provide details of their fund raising efforts.

An application form is available in The West Sussex County Times or on line from

The form must be received by 15th September 2013 and there will be a presentation in October to the successful applicants.

Among the judges will be Theo Cronin News Editor of the West Sussex County Times.