Landlord responds to ‘damp’ problem in Horsham home

A Horsham based housing association has resolved an issue after complaints by a resident of ‘severe damp’ in his property.

Raymond Turner, 66, from Horsham, said he was angry and upset with Saxon Weald after discovering patches of what he believed to be damp around his home.

Mr Turner, who has been living at the property for nine years, said he had previously had a problem with damp in his home and believed it had been fixed by a representative from Saxon Weald earlier on in the year.

But the tenant was very unhappy with the company after discovering new patches of mould on walls in his living room and kitchen.

Mr Turner said: “I have severe damp in this property. There is a patch behind my cooker which is black.

“Because of this problem I have had to fork out £291 for a new mattress and duvet.

“It is also not good for my knees. Why should someone have to live like this?”

But after a visit to the property by one of the company’s surveyors they concluded the problem was being caused by condensation and not damp and have offered to fix the situation.

A representative from Saxon Weald said: “A surveyor visited Mr Turner’s home yesterday and has discovered that the problems at the property are being caused by condensation, not damp.

“We have given Mr Turner advice on how he can manage condensation in his home, and will support him in doing that by checking that things such as his extractor fans are working effectively.

“Many people experience condensation in their homes, particularly as the weather turns colder. The most important thing is to stay on top of it – especially remembering to wipe windows down daily.

“A short video with easy to follow advice on managing condensation will be available on our website shortly.”

Mr Turner said he was pleased that someone had come round to look at the problem and was now much happier with the situation.

He said: “They have got someone to come down and sort it out. They have said they will be coming back to fix it all for me.

“They have also got someone coming to clean the guttering as well so I am a lot happier now.”

Saxon Weald provide around 6000 homes for people to rent and buy across West Sussex and Hampshire.