Labour Party chairman ‘appalled’

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David Hide, Horsham Labour Party chairman, told the County Times after the meeting: “I was appalled at the dismissive and complacent tone of Cllr Chowen who seemed totally uninterested in delivering quality affordable leisure facilities for the people of Boradbridge heath and beyond.”

says he was ‘appalled at the complacent tone’ of Mr Chowen following the parish council meeting.

David Hide told the County Times: “I hope Cllr Chowen will have left the meeting with an understanding that no one wishes to see the closure of our Leisure centre and that if he is conducting a genuine consultation process he will recommend to his fellow councillors that the leisure centre must remain open and they must now focus on finding ways to achieve with our money that we the local tax payer demand.

“In the spirit of open government will the council agree to relocate to a much larger venue for the next full council meeting when the decision to close or save our leisure centre is made, why not hold the meeting on the December 21 at the leisure centre?

“I was concerned by the comments made by Cllr Chowen who claimed that our leisure centre had some of the very best leisure facilities in the South East and yet he wishes to close the centre.

“Surely a far more progressive council would seek to improve on already excellent facilities and make our centre a leisure destination of choice.”

He added: