Labour MEP candidate and Tesco ‘Mum of the Year’ visits Horsham

Labour MEP candidate Maggie Hughes with Labour Party members and supporters campaigning in West Street, Horsham SUS-140414-101848001
Labour MEP candidate Maggie Hughes with Labour Party members and supporters campaigning in West Street, Horsham SUS-140414-101848001

On Saturday 5th April Maggie Hughes, Labour MEP candidate for the SE and Tesco Mum of the Year’ 2014, joined Horsham Labour Party members in Horsham town centre.

Maggie and Labour Party members were campaigning in the run up to the Euro elections which take place on the 22nd May. They handed out election leaflets and discussed with shoppers Labour’s message on Europe.

Horsham Labour Party Campaign coordinator Carol Hayton said: “In the European elections every vote for Labour in Horsham will contribute to our aim of achieving the maximum number of Labour MEPs in the South East.

“Shoppers were keen to hear Labour’s positive message on Europe and there was a real sense that after all the infighting within the local Tory Party and the negative message promoted by UKIP, many more people were ready to listen to Labour.”

Maggie one of Labour’s team of ten candidates said, ‘Labour MEPs have improved the lives of citizens across Europe through their work in the European Parliament; improving business opportunities, protecting workers rights, for example achieving improved rights for part- time workers, better maternity and paternity provision and rights to paid holidays.

Labour MEPs also work for a cleaner and greener environment, cutting harmful greenhouse gases, delivering cleaner beaches and rivers and seek to improve air quality. They have also achieved benefits for consumers, most noticeably by making the use of mobile phone overseas cheaper.

My own experience in Europe has been in campaigning for and achieving rights for victims and their family when they become effected by serious crime abroad.

My work in this field was recognised this year when I received Tesco’s ‘Mum of the Year’ award in the ‘Achieving Mum’ category in a ceremony held at the Savoy.

Why do Labour MEP s feel we are better off in the EU? Because here in Britain we must grow our economy and to do that we need our businesses to export. As part of the EU British businesses have access to the world’s largest single market. Millions of jobs in the UK depend on our relationship with the EU.

The CBI state that EU membership amounts to every British household benefiting by, on average, £3,000 each year.

UKIP were in the town centre today and we challenged their members on UKIP’s claims that the three main parties had let down working people.

We asked them what they would do for working people. They were unable to give us any answers. UKIP may feel we can pull out of the European Union but businesses who rely on the world’s largest single market think otherwise.

Theo Paphitis, Richard Branson, Ford, Nissan, Kellogg’s, the CBI, the British Chambers of Commerce, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, Goldman Sachs - the list goes on and on.

Ed Miliband has called for Britain to remain in the European Union. Labour MEPs want reform, though - an EU Commissioner for jobs, a budget focused on jobs and an end to the waste involved in moving the European Parliament between Brussels and Strasbourg.

In South East England we have a strong team of Labour MEP candidates all of them from different backgrounds and with different skills. Labour’s team are campaigning on the need to tackle the cost of living crisis, to win new infrastructure investment, to accept the EU money available for flood relief, food banks and the Youth Guarantee so that young people can get work.

By voting Labour you will get a strong Labour team in the European Parliament fighting for local communities across South East England.

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