Labour councillors in Horsham would offer ‘much needed fresh perspective’

Horsham Labour Party with its general election candidate Martyn Davis in the centre (submitted). SUS-150416-114747001
Horsham Labour Party with its general election candidate Martyn Davis in the centre (submitted). SUS-150416-114747001

Horsham Labour Party believes that the local elections taking place this year on the same day as the general election, provide voters with an excellent opportunity to elect Labour councillors.

If you want change and are fed up with our Tory council, then make the decision and vote for change. Vote Labour.

The Lib Dems locally might as well be in coalition with the Tories here in Horsham. They provide very poor opposition within the council chamber, often voting with the Tories and therefore effectively creating just a single party with no alternative views heard.

Our Labour candidates are making six pledges for these elections:-

1. To support Horsham Football club’s Hop Oast planning application.

Elected Labour councillors will support Horsham Football Club’s appeal against the decision by Lib Dem and Tory councillors to reject the club’s Hop Oast planning application.

We fully support Horsham Football Club’s desire to have a permanent home within the town, with all the community benefits it will bring.

2. To oppose the North Horsham development and any new development that does not include 50 per cent affordable housing.

We support sustainable developments, those that provide; homes that local people can afford and the necessary infrastructure.

We are the only party to oppose the 2,000 homes being built in the West of Horsham development. We opposed it on the grounds that this development would deliver very few homes that local people could afford. The 2,000 homes being built will deliver just 10 per cent affordable housing.

3. To abolish the cabinet style government that the Tories run and replace it with a more transparent system where all elected councillors have their say.

We oppose the cabinet style government which the local Tories run. Look at what is happening in Horsham where just a handful of Tory councillors are running the council. Often decision are made behind closed doors with no access for the public or even the majority of elected representatives.

4. To support and fund essential public services.

We will invest in essential local services. We believe that these services bind our communities together and contribute greatly to the quality of life here in Horsham. We will work with local agencies to find solutions to eradicate the need for any resident living within our district to be referred to a food bank. Horsham is a prosperous town and we should not tolerate such levels of poverty.

We have different priorities to the Tories and Lib Dems. We will not waste large sums of public money on vanity projects such as repaving West Street.

5. To fund and build a new generation of council houses.

The Tories and Lib Dems are providing developers with gilt- edged opportunities right across our district. They are granting planning applications for thousands of expensive homes. They continue to overlook the housing needs of local people who aren’t earning the megabuck salaries required to obtain a mortgage for even a starter home on these developments.

6. To be good local councillors.

Horsham’s residents have been poorly served by their representatives on the council. This at a time when important decisions are being made about cuts to local services, planning applications and the future direction of our town.

Residents feel their views are not listened to and many people don’t even know who their councillors are! We believe that anyone elected to represent local people should do just that - represent their views on local matters.

Labour has an excellent team of candidates seeking election across Horsham district. We are keen to represent the views of residents, and reinvigorate Horsham council through a much needed fresh perspective.