Kony campaign hits Horsham

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PROTEST posters were scattered across Horsham town centre on Friday as part of a world-wide campaign to halt the actions of Joseph Kony.

The Ugandan warlord is wanted for years of insurgency waged in central Africa.

Campaign groups moved to plaster posters of Kony across every city to pressure governments into hunting him down.

Protesters in Horsham coated shops, benches and telephone boxes across the town centre in the murals Friday evening.

A message on the Horsham Kony 2012 campaign page reads: “KONY2012 is a campaign to STOP Joseph Kony and the L.R.A kidnapping Children in Central African Countries, forcing the boys to be child soldiers, and girls to be sex slaves.

“Invisible Children have campaigned to STOP Joseph Kony, and recently got US Military to enter Uganda and other countries to stop him.

“However, this could get pulled anytime now, so Invisible Children and KONY2012 are aiming to get KONY famous, for bad reasons.

“They Are Calling upon all young people, to blanket major cities on 20th April 2012, in KONY 2012 campaign posters and stickers, in order to get attention from international government.

“AIM: Get every person from in, near and around Horsham, to ENGULF it in KONY2012 Posters to get the Message Across. Everyones doing it! Lets do our bit!”