Kings Festive launch brings back classic taste of bygone era

Kings Festive
Kings Festive

Award-winning micro-brewery WJ King is bringing back the taste of a bygone era with the launch of Kings Festive.

The inspiration comes from Festive Ale that was originally brewed to celebrate the Festival of Britain in 1951. Kings Festive (4.7% ABV) will be available from mid-November in pubs all across the South East of England to be enjoyed again.

Kings Festive is a traditional English Premium Ale. This full bodied ale with distinct vinous fruit flavours reminiscent of plump raisins and currants will be a welcome sight on the bar as it was so sadly missed.

It has a deep red copper colour with a fine creamy head. There is a deliciously rich smooth mouthfeel and some great lacing on the glass.

WJ King is based in Foundry Lane, Horsham and produces beers using only the finest, natural and local ingredients that are available in over 450 pubs in the south east of the UK, as well as nationally through website sales at

Marketing Director Orla Lambe comments: “The original Festive Ale is probably the beer most talked about when customers visit our brewery when they reminisce about bygone days and I believe this new Kings Festive will be a very welcome sight on the bar from loyal fans of WJ King and equally a great beer for new comers to the ale market.”

Ian Burgess, head brewer said: “This is a classic English ale with mild-tempered bitterness using only the finest of local hops and malt.

“We are very pleased with the result of a retake on an old favourite.’”