King and Queens attend Epiphany-themed party

Epiphany celebrated at St Mary's Church, Horsham
Epiphany celebrated at St Mary's Church, Horsham

St Mary’s church families were still celebrating Christmas last weekend! Traditionally Epiphany is celebrated on January 6th - the 12th day of Christmas. This is the time when the wise men found the baby Jesus and worshipped him as King with their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

What a great theme for a party! Stars! Kings (and Queens)! Presents! So last weekend 40 children and their parents or carers came to the Barn Church centre in the Causeway, for an Epiphany-themed party. Dressed up as kings and queens, they played games, like hunt-the-camel & musical star jumps. They made crowns, stars and other gifts, enjoyed a delicious party tea and sang.

St Mary’s organises fun events like this each term to bring together the families with children in the church and to invite others with young children who may have connections through St Mary’s nursery or Parents & toddler group for instance.

“A lovely entertaining mix of crafts and games to teach the children about why Jesus is so important to us all, so much that the three wise men travelled so far to worship him and give such costly gifts to him when he was only a baby,” explained Celia, one of the children’s mothers.

“I loved making the sparkly crowns,” Emma added, while Polly thought her “star was really nice”.

Last comment goes to Olivia, one of the young helpers, “the children were so creative – they made some lovely crafts and some even listened when we explained what Epiphany was all about!”

Report and pictures contributed by Katherine Potter.