Keeping the district as a safe place to work

TO ENSURE Horsham District remains a safe place to work, the council is launching a project to businesses in the area.

The project, named CASE2 (Common Approach to Sussex Enterprise), builds on the successful CASE1 project undertaken last year and will run from February 2011 through to the end of April 2011.

During the project, Environmental Health Officers will be visiting local workplaces and offering advice on safe working practices to assist businesses in reaching compliance with health and safety law.

High risk areas will be targeted and the visits will focus on the assessment and control of risks associated with working at heights, manual handling and slips and trips.

The project will use flexible warrants, which will allow Environmental Health Officers to visit higher risk workplaces, which under normal circumstances are covered by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and vice versa.

The initiative is part of a concerted effort by the HSE and local authorities to work together more effectively to ensure workplace hazards are adequately controlled.

The Horsham District has shown a year on year improvement in serious accident reduction making the District one of the safest places in the country to work.

The aim of CASE2 is to keep improving on these figures by reducing injuries and ill health in the workplace through raising awareness, education and by only taking enforcement action where absolutely necessary.

Councillor Peter Rowlinson, Cabinet Member for Planning and the Environment, said: “At Horsham District Council, we have a history of working with businesses to encourage compliance with the law and improve standards.

“In many cases, improvements in the management of occupational health and safety lead to cost savings through reduced accidents and ill health.

“This belief and approach is an integral part of our thinking and practice, and we believe it has helped many of our local businesses to improve and prosper.”

To help local businesses meet the demands of health and safety documentation, free resources are available on the Horsham District Council website including templates designed for safety policies. Please visit