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Horsham is great!
Horsham is great!

IN THE Jubilee year, the County Times today launches a special campaign to celebrate all that makes Horsham District a special place in which to live and work.

Last week, district councillor Roy Cornell described parts of neighbouring Crawley as a ‘shanty town’.

His remarks have provoked strong reaction in both Horsham and Crawley from residents and community leaders alike - but they have also put the spotlight on what makes each town special.

Our Crawley newspapers will be taking up the baton for their community - but today the County Times invites Horsham readers to join us in celebrating this unique part of West Sussex.

The district often receives praise nationally for being a great place to live and work.

Figures released by credit group Experian this month showed that using various indicators, people in Horsham are less likely to experience poverty than in other areas of the UK.

It was ranked 307th out of 326 local authorities for risk of poverty and 314th for risk of child poverty.

People living in the district are also less likely to be long-term unemployed or face financial exclusion. In a survey by Channel 4 in 2006, the town was named second best town to live in.

The programme Best and Worst Places to Live in the UK revealed the ten top idylls and no-go neighbourhoods using official statistics and looking at factors such as education, crime and life expectancy.

Horsham was commended for its ‘great schools’ and the 80 trains to the Capital every day making it ‘commuter heaven’.

Anyone living in the town can also delight in a life expectancy on average of 81 years.

Horsham was just beaten to the top spot by Winchester in Hampshire but beat the likes of Tunbridge Wells (third), Orkney (sixth) and Eastleigh, Hampshire (ninth).

This week, key members of the community spoke about what they most liked about the town and district.

All their comments are in this week’s paper, but we want to hear why you think the Horsham District is great.

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