Join Dress up for Matthew Day

Dress up for Matthew Day
Dress up for Matthew Day

A ten year old boy from Southwater is inviting people to join his fundraising day for Young Epilepsy.

Matthew Turnbull is hoping that offices, schools, and other volunteers will take part in his ‘Dress up for Matthew Day’ on Friday, July 8.

Mum Rebecca Turnbull said: “Matthew was born with various heart and lung problems and received intensive care treatment for the first few days of his life. He had his first seizure at the age of four.

“Matthew has unfortunately had to endure several life threatening seizures since then, yet despite this, he continues to tackle every challenge life throws at him, especially fundraising.

“Matthew does struggle with why his life should have to be different from that of other children, and why him, but instead of dwelling, he tries his hardest to be positive.

“He was recently shortlisted to just one of three children for the Young Epilepsy Champions Awards, which from over several hundred nominations, I think makes Matthew extremely special.”

She said on the day of receiving his invitation and notification that he had been shortlisted, Matthew came up with another of his many fundraising ideas.

“He raises money for the charity Young Epilepsy, as even at the young age of ten years old, he is very aware that there are children who have the condition in a much more serious form than him, and very much wants to support and raise money for the charity, as to do we all as a family to thank them for all the help and support they have offered us, and to continue their vital work.”

Matthew is suggesting that people dress up in a onsie, a dressing up outfit like a superhero or princess, a silly hat, tie or socks, or pyjamas.

He asks that everyone who takes part donates £1 each to the cause.

Anyone who is interested in finding out more is asked to contact Rebecca at or call her on 07891 375616.