Jesus: liar, insane or truth?

Gaynor Cooper (centre) from Brighton Road Baptist Church, Horsham
Gaynor Cooper (centre) from Brighton Road Baptist Church, Horsham
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I didn’t become a Christian until I was in my thirties. That was when I felt that I should at least read a bit of the Bible to find out what all the fuss was about.

I read the Gospels and was completely perplexed by what Jesus said about himself. Either he was insane, or lying or speaking the truth, but he was definitely claiming to be God, not a good man.

From then on I started exploring the whole thing and because I’m a suspicious person it took me several years to realise that it was true and that the things that were happening to me weren’t just coincidence, but Jesus trying to reach me.

Since becoming a Christian, following God and trying to work out what his plan is for me in my life and be obedient to that has become the most important thing for me.

Prayer, Bible reading and learning from others are really important to do this, and it is not always an easy journey.

I have had a lot of sickness, including being on dialysis and then having a kidney transplant.

There have been times when I have been overwhelmed with events and God is hard to find.

Like everyone else there are times when I begin to doubt and think I’m mad to follow Jesus.

Through it all I feel that Jesus has been there to guide and support me if I look for him.

It is really important to remember that Christians are just ordinary people like everyone else - we don’t have all the answers and we often get it wrong, but we know we are loved, forgiven and part of God’s plan for this life and the next – wouldn’t you like that too?

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