It’s not all peace and harmony at Christmas

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Christmas is meant to be the season of ‘peace and goodwill to all mankind’ but for some this year that is not the reality of life.

It can be a wonderful time to get together with extended family that have not been seen all year, but this in itself can bring its own troubles. Let’s face it; all of us, at sometime or other, are quite happy not having to spend time with certain relatives! Financial worries are often exacerbated by the cost of Christmas and cracks that have appeared in relationships can often become exposed further at this time. And this can be a real issue for couples who have split up but who have to come together in some way during the Christmas Holidays because of the children.

Then there is the workplace and the infamous office parties and indiscretions. Again these events can bring to the fore underlying issues such as harassment, bullying and discrimination that can affect and have consequences for many aspects of a business. Add alcohol to the festive mix in both the home and office situations and you can have the makings of a recipe for trouble.

Mediation is a very powerful tool in helping deal with and diffuse conflict situations by aiding communication and bringing about resolutions to often long running issues. West Sussex Mediation Service is a local charity seeking to help individuals, groups or organisations to resolve their differences using skilled volunteer mediators. Their friendly caseworkers are on hand to give advice and guidance on how to tackle problems, year round.

Service Co-ordinator, Nick Handley said, “We wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas but it is a reality that Christmas is often a time when those issues from the past, with family or work colleagues, resurface once again. It is also a sad fact that the WSMS phone lines get busier in the New Year with calls from couples who have gone their separate ways and need to mediate over finances or care of their children. We can offer help on a range of issues from disputes with neighbours, at the workplace or through divorce and separation so don’t suffer in silence.”

For information on please contact West Sussex Mediation Service on 01403 258900 or email

Report contributed by Centre Stage PR.