Is this the worst road in West Sussex?

Potholes in Emms Lane, Brooks Green.
Potholes in Emms Lane, Brooks Green.

IS EMMS Lane in Brooks Green the worst road in the county? That is what one resident believes.

Following recent articles in the County Times about the road conditions in Horsham district Gina Bell, from Emms Lane, wrote a letter decrying the state of her road.

Resident Gina Bell with a pothole near her home.

Resident Gina Bell with a pothole near her home.

She said: “Does Emms Lane, Brooks Green, have the worst road conditions in the county?

“If you think it does, perhaps you could log your complaints, along with mine, to Horsham District Council and West Sussex County Council.”

A driver on the 74 Compass bus service from Horsham to Storrington said that the conditions were by far the worst in the county and he had never seen anything like it.

While half of the windy lane is limited to 40 mph, other parts adhere to the national speed limit.

Mrs Bell added: “I have not seen a worse road in the area. They resurfaced the whole road 25 years ago because I remember pushing my daughter down the lane in a push chair and getting asphalt on the wheels.”

Since then she claims West Sussex County Council, the highways authority, occasionally fill in potholes with gravel, but leave huge gullies on the edge of the road and multiple potholes.

Despite numerous emails they have only just filled in a series of potholes near her home.

Do you have another nomination for worst road in the county? Is your road a mass of potholes and gullies?

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