Interpreter to bring history to life

Arundel Castle is set to welcome back leading historical interpreter Paul Ullson in the guise of ‘It’s The History Man’ for a series of fun and educational days this summer.

With characters ranging from a Medieval Scribe to a Civil War Doctor, ‘It’s The History Man!’ brings history to life for Arundel Castle’s younger visitors, offering a detailed insight into years gone by.

‘It’s The History Man!’ has been a popular element of the castle’s event calendar for the past five years - and it remains a crowd favourite.

With this in mind, Arundel Castle is pleased to offer its visitors more opportunities to enjoy ‘It’s The History Man!’ than ever before, with 27 planned performances from May to August.

Castle manager Bryan McDonald comments: “We are delighted to increase our number of ‘It’s The History Man’ days for the 2016 open season. Paul has a real talent for bringing the past to life in an engaging and entertaining manner - his passion for the characters he portrays shines through and sparks intrigue amongst our visitors, young and old.”

Arundel Castle’s ‘It’s The History Man’ events span hundreds of years of history, with particular focus on each character’s impact on Sussex and surrounding areas.

A selection of new characters have been added to the line-up for 2016 including a Norman Lord and a Georgian smuggler.

‘It’s The History Man!’ performer Paul Ullson added: “I always look forward to bringing ‘It’s The History Man’ to Arundel Castle; its visitors are some of the most engaged audiences I perform to. I participate in a lot of the Castle’s events as part of the Raven Tor Living History group, but ‘It’s the History Man’ days really bring something different to the mix - the chance to explore individual accounts of history.

“I can’t wait to begin my summer residency at Arundel Castle. I look forward to entertaining the Castle’s visitors and educating them on the many incredible characters of Sussex’s past!”

‘It’s The History Man!’ will be at Arundel Castle on:

n Medieval Herald - May 14, June 3, August 5 & 24

n Crusader - May 31, August 18 & 30

n Norman Crossbowman - June 1, August 12

n Medieval Surgeon - July 19, August 19

n Executioner - July 20, 25 August 10 & 25

n Medieval Scribe - July 21, August 11

n Medieval Pilgrim - July 22, August 17 & 31

n Medieval Priest - August 1 & 22

n Norman Knight - August 3 & 15

n Civil War Doctor - August 4

n Norman Lord - August 8

n Georgian Smuggler - August 16

n Medieval Crossbowman - August 23

Additional days will be taking place in September and October.

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