Incentive to try sports in Waverley

AN INCENTIVE to try out a new sport has just been launched by Waverley Borough Council.

Residents who sign up for phase three of Waverley’s Leisure Loyalty Scheme and try a new sport at a participating sports club, like Cranleigh Ladies Hockey Club, will get their first six sessions free.

People who register with the scheme will also receive a ‘stamp and save’ card.

Each time they take part in an activity at one of 13 sports clubs they will receive a stamp.

Once 12 stamps have been collected, the leisure loyalty card holder will be able to claim a free ultra-light silicone sports watch.

Mr Roger Steel, the portfolio holder for Leisure, said: “Waverley is blessed with some fantastic sports clubs.

“This third phase of our leisure loyalty card scheme will give people the perfect reason to get involved in a sport they haven’t played for a while or to try something completely new.

“Lots of people signed up for the first two phases of the leisure loyalty card scheme and had the chance to enjoy and, at the same time, be rewarded for using the great facilities that are on offer at our five leisure centres.

“The scheme also encouraged school-age children to take part in after school activities.

“Establishing a passion and interest in leisure amongst young people is so important for tackling general health issues and obesity.”

Full details about the scheme and information about how to register can be found at or by calling 01483 523394.

The third phase of the initiative will end on 31 January 2012.