In this week’s County Times

County Times May 24
County Times May 24

This week’s County Times is the last one to be printed in a broadsheet format, and includes a special collectors’ edition.

The paper is packed full of special features looking back at the paper’s history, as well as all your essential local news, entertainments, sport and advertising.

But for the County Times, Horsham’s oldest business brand founded in 1869, this latest change very much symbolises a return to our roots.

Jeremy Knight of Horsham Museum explains in a special article how the paper began life as a compact.

Of course, being compact next week does not mean you will receive any less news.

Although the pages will be half the size and much easier to handle - there will be at least twice as many of them.

Indeed, there will be a lot more.

We are improving the value we offer by creating more editorial space and greatly overhauling the content to make it even more closely attuned to what interests you most.

At the same time, we are offering regular readers an inflation-busting subscription deal.

And some things won’t change.

We are keeping the Property Section broadsheet - because that is what readers and estate agents said they wanted, enjoying the space to use pictures large as well as enabling us to segment the paper so it is not too thick in one section to handle!

We will also be retaining everything that makes the County Times special.

It will remain a true family newspaper - upholding the highest values and ethical standards; and always campaigning for you.

We will continue to challenge local decision-makers putting everything they do with your taxes and on your behalf under the spotlight.

We will still be delivering the best sports, entertainments, features, advertising and news services too.

But there will be more - and in an easier to read format, superbly created by the very best international designers. It will be classic but contemporary.

For some years readers have been telling us they wanted a change in shape of the County Times - but we have waited until we were absolutely certain that this was the view of the overwhelming majority.

It is your newspaper. Your views must be at the heart of it and all we do.

So we hope you enjoy this week’s souvenir broadsheet - and save it for posterity. It contains a big selection of special broadsheet pages taken from editions across the paper’s 150 year history.

And then we move on to a new look and a new outlook - while holding true to our ethos of highlighting local matters that most interest and concern you.