Impressive displays at Horsted Keynes show

Horsted Keynes Produce and Craft Show SUS-140820-104755001
Horsted Keynes Produce and Craft Show SUS-140820-104755001

The 27th Horsted Keynes Produce and Craft Show was again a success, although the numbers of entrants fell from 32 to 27. The number of class entries was also down from 274 to 236.

The show took place on a lovely day and some 120 residents came to view the beautiful displays of flowers, fruit and vegetables.

As always the range of ‘kitchen’ produce was impressive, from preserves, to cakes, scones, biscuits and pies. The number of handicraft entries was somewhat disappointing, but the standard was high.

The long, wet winter and spring gave things a good start in the garden, and then the long warmer spell brought them on fast. The judges were complimentary about the standard of entries and they enjoyed the good-natured informality of this show compared to some of the more serious shows they judge.

Sixteen trophies and two special prizes were awarded to enthusiastic applause from the crowd. This was followed by a grand raffle, with over twenty prizes.

The results were as follows:

Vegetable Section - Food for Thought Salver: 1st David Body, 2nd Wilf Pollard, 3rd Mick Nesbitt

Rose Section - Janis Leedham Trophy: 1st Margaret Davey, 2nd Jan Humphries, 3rd Pauline Kemsley

Sweet Pea Section - Selina Luckhurst Cup: 1st Mick Nesbitt, 2nd Lorna Shimmen, 3rd = Reg Stewart & Margaret Davey

Flower Section - The Cinder Hill Cup: 1st Lorna Shimmen, 2nd Margaret Davey, 3rd Jan Humphries

Preserves Section - Sayers & Carter Cup: 1st Kay Burgess, 2nd Jacqui Locker, 3rd= Reg Stewart & David Wilson

Meat Pie Section - Tony Maynard Trophy: 1st = Carole McNaughton, Jeni Sharpe & Jessica Sharpe, 2nd = Brian Davey & Fiona Rose

Baking Section - Brian Feeley Memorial Salver: 1st Kay McNaughton, 2nd = Jacqui Locker & Carole McNaughton, 3rd Kay Burgess

Set Recipe Cake - Christopher Floris Memorial Cup: 1st Jacqui Locker, 2nd Mick Nesbitt, 3rd Fiona Rose

Wines & Beverages Section - The Allen Family Trophy: 1st = Jacqui Locker & Jeni Sharpe, 2nd = Jessica Sharpe & David Wilson

Needlework Section - Helen Marie Cup: 1st = Jan Humphries & Rosalind Pollard, 2nd Jean Staples, 3rd Margaret Allen

Handicraft Section - Dean Edwards Cup: 1st Jacqui Locker, 2nd Maisie Rose Coulson, 3rd Laura Willis

Painting Section - Mick Nesbitt Cup: 1st Laura Willis, 2nd Carole McNaughton, 3rd Kay McNaughton

Photography Section - David Wilson Shield: 1st Lorna Shimmen, 2nd = Brian Davey & Laura Willis, 3rd Kay McNaughton

Children 7 & Under - Rixons Orchard Cup : 1st Lydia McNaughton, 2nd Maisie Rose Coulson

Victor Ludorum - The Mill Cup: 1st Margaret Davey 206, 2nd Mick Nesbitt 195, 3rd Lorna Shimmen

Best 1st Timer was David Body who cam 4th overall and received a special prize.

Best Men-Only Cake – Mick Nesbitt, who received a special prize.

George Evans Trophy – Best Horticultural – Margaret Davey – Flowering pot plant

Thanks to the committee, to everyone who took part and to all those who came in the afternoon, to enjoy the show, the prize-giving and the raffle.

Unfortunately the entire committee of four is obliged to step down this year due to personal and health reasons.

For the show to continue, an entire new committee will need to be formed. Details of what is involved are given in an article in the Horsted Keynes Parish Magazine.

If you are interested in helping, please contact David Wilson on 01825 791 505 or

Report and picture contributed by David Wilson.