“I will fight endlessly”

Gorm Young.
Gorm Young.

AN EMOTIONAL Blue Star Harriers athlete has told of his severe anguish and how Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre has saved his life.

“Horsham Blue Star Harriers are not just an athletics team to me,” said 27-year-old Gorm Young.

“Before I joined the team I was going through some bad times and couldn’t get my head in the right place. I had gone to my doctor who was so worried he wanted to put me on to suicide watch, which is never a good thing.

“As a fitness enthusiast and a sporty person I decided to start up athletics at the age of 24. Instantly I felt accepted and between the coaches, management and athletes I have pulled myself together.

“I’m now at 27, I am coach and senior men’s captain and work hard for the club on and off the track building the team, driving their motivation and inspiration.

“If it wasn’t for Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre and the Horsham Blue Stars I’d have no idea what might I had done and all athletes there always know that there is somewhere they can go.

“We have athletes from all around Sussex and come to Broadbridge Heath and even have some top flight athletes with more coming to surface in the indoor and outdoor competitions.

“I know I am not the only person to feel such high personal feelings for the centre and the clubs with in it’s facility they are a society with in themselves and people are continually joining.

“To be closing the centre is a careless and taking away individuals’ lives, breaking spirits and ripping apart a big part of Horsham, and feel it will do more damage than people care to realise.

“The support shown to myself has shown that Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre is vital to the borough and the surrounding areas, and it has shown me that.

“I amongst thousands of others will fight endlessly to save the sanctuary that has saved me. Saving Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre is saving lives.”