“I felt intruded” by fox break in

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“I had a choice, go for my camera or gun, but with the gun being locked away and the thought of my wife’s reaction to mess up the wall, I decided on the camera!”

Fred Rossington from Partridge Green was recalling his encounter with a fox inside his home, just days after a boy in London had his finger bitten off by one of the predators.

“I was coming in from feeding the chickens when I saw a fully grown fox casually walk behind our television unit.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Mr Rossington, “I felt intruded.”

However, his initial shock was quickly overcome by a determination to get the animal out of his house before it defecated.

Living in the country, with dogs that like to roll in all manner of things, Mr Rossington knew from bitter experience just how ‘horrendous a smell’ that would have been in the living room.

So he opted to ‘throw a kick in its direction’ which caused Reynard to scamper over the sofa and up into a closed window, family photos scattering and smashing in its wake.

Into the kitchen it then rushed, a metallic crash sounding as knives were knocked to the floor.

The fox found a brief refuge behind the Aga flume. There it paused just long enough for the householder to snap a second image of the unwanted intruder.

It then scampered down and sauntered off into the garden, stopping just a few metres from the house for a last nonchalant look over its shoulders at a bemused Mr and Mrs Rossington.

“At no point during the episode was the fox aggressive or frightened,” said Mr Rossington, leading him to believe the animal ‘was used to human contact’ and had been ‘released’.

Having heard witness accounts of foxes being set free from cages in the vicinity, he now wants to know who is releasing the animals?

He believes his property is too remote for tame or town foxes to be prowling the area for food.

Mr Rossington is also concerned what could have been, should any of his grand children have been visiting.

“I have not told my daughter yet because she wouldn’t let my grand kids come to stay,” he admitted.

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