How very dare you! The top things that make us angry

Queue jumpers, benefit scroungers, traffic jams and petrol prices have emerged among a list of the 50 things which make us angry.

Rudeness, people who don’t listen, spitting in public and having to go through lots of automated options - or being kept on hold - are also among the top five pinpointed in a new study.

Other ‘rage triggers’ to feature in the poll included having to pay a fee to withdraw your own money from a cash point, middle lane drivers and The Jeremy Kyle Show.

A spokesman for The Wolverine, which commissioned the poll, said:

“Everyone has moments where they get into a bit of a rage, but the majority of the time, it’s over something fairly trivial, as this list shows.

”Everything from taxes to middle lane drivers and even reality TV stars leave us fuming.

“Being British, it’s quite funny to see that queue jumpers are most likely to cause us to lose our rag.

“But while it might seem like an unimportant thing to get angry about, if you are busy or in a hurry, having someone force their way in front of you can easily leave you raging.

“If you are tired, stressed or simply at the end of your tether, it won’t take much to make you boil over and those little things that often just annoy you can spark a rage instead.”

Benefit scroungers came sixth in the poll, followed by people believing rules don’t apply to them and those who use their mobile phone while driving.

Not getting a ‘please’ or ‘thank-you’ and backstabbers completed the top ten.

Money is behind several of the things that make us angry with high petrol prices and even having to part with our hard-earned dosh to ‘spend a penny’ in some train stations are all on the list.

Seeing a large chunk of our wages go to the taxman and the bedroom tax are other financial-related things that get us raging.

The annoying phrase of ‘unidentified item in bagging area’ while using a self-service checkout cause many to see red, as well as old ladies who have all week to shop, but choose to go on a Saturday morning.

Travel issues also lead to anger with traffic jams, middle lane drivers and people who speed through housing estates all in the top 50.

Drivers who fail to stop at a zebra crossing also leave us fuming.

And to fuel the driver/bike row, cyclists who jump red lights and even just having bike riders and motorcyclists on the road also made it onto the list.

But those who use public transport added their own thoughts to the list with train cancellations, people who put bags on the seats and missing a train.

The study also found that even celebrities and television shows leave us in a fit of rage with reality stars Helen Flanagan, Kim Kardashian and Joey Essex all among the top 50.

And Joey’s show The Only Way is Essex along with The Jeremy Kyle Show all make the nation angry.


1. People pushing into a queue

2. Rudeness in general

3. People not listening to you

4. People who spit in public

5. Having to choose from lots of options and being kept on hold

6. Benefit Scroungers

7. People thinking rules don’t apply to them

8. People who use their mobile while driving

9. Someone who doesn’t say please/thank you

10. Backstabbers

11. Traffic jams

12. Paying to withdraw cash

13. Lazy people

14. Lateness

15. Drivers speeding through a town centre/housing estate

16. Petrol prices

17. Splashing your favourite clothes with bleach

18. People eating loudly/sloppily

19. Hearing ‘unidentified item in bagging area when using a self service checkout

20. Drilling at 8am on a Saturday

21. Middle lane drivers

22. Shallowness/ignorance

23. Drivers who don’t stop at zebra crossings

24. People who take up two seats on a train

25. People slagging others off behind their back

26. Having to ask a child to do something ten times

27. Smokers

28. Having to pay to use the toilet in train stations

29. Cyclists who jump red lights

30. Washing clothes with a tissue in the pocket

31. Trains being cancelled

32. The Jeremy Kyle show

33. People who use ‘cool/slang’ words such as ‘Amazeballs’ and ‘Well jel’

34. People who don’t know the difference between ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’

35. People who swear

36. The Only Way is Essex

37. The bedroom tax

38. Paying tax

39. Missing your train

40. People who can’t spell

41. Old people ‘tutting’ at children

42. Kim Kardashian

43. Helen Flanagan

44. People who criticise working mums

45. Annoying/novelty ring tones

46. Cyclists/motorcyclists on the road

47. Joey Essex

48. Old ladies shopping on a busy Saturday morning when they have all week to go

49. Being outbid on eBay

50. Dropping a biscuit in a cup of tea