House fire in Upper Beeding

Fire crews are now damping down
Fire crews are now damping down

Emergency services were called to a house fire at a home in Upper Beeding yesterday.

Crews from Steyning, Shoreham and Worthing attended the incident, in the villages High Street, at around 5.30pm on Monday (December 15)

A representative from West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said the occupier was attempting to ignite the fire in their lounge.

They added that a petrol can was removed from the property and was extinguished by firefighters. The incident is being treated as an accidental fire.

Around 10 per cent of the kitchen was damaged by the fire and 30 per cent was damaged by smoke.

A dry powder extinguisher was used to put out the flames and a thermal imaging camera was used to check for hotspots.

A man living at the property was treated for mild smoke inhalation and was given oxygen by firefighters.

West Sussex Fire and rescue service have issued advise to people lighting fires in their own homes.

Home owners are advised never to use flammable liquids like paraffin or petrol to get a fire going as it can result in an uncontrolled spread of fire or even an explosion.

In the event of a chimney fire occurring the fire service advises people to leave the room, close the door and alert other people in the house before dialing 999 and asking for the Fire Service.

Chimney fires can spread to the rest of the property so always call the Fire Service if you have a chimney fire.

If you have time you can help prevent the fire spreading by extinguish the fire by gently splashing water onto it, but only if you have a conventional open fire, or you can close down the ventilation as much as possible, if you have a solid fuel appliance.

Furniture and rugs should be moved away from the fireplace and any nearby ornaments should be removed.

A spark guard should also be placed in front of the fire.

Feel the chimney breast in other rooms for signs of heat and ensure that access to your attic or roof space is available for the Fire Service as they will want to thoroughly check this area for signs of possible fire spread.