Horsham to Horsham: sporty September in Australia

Alex McRae tries to spoils a Dylan Parish mark.
Alex McRae tries to spoils a Dylan Parish mark.

In the latest Horsham to Horsham article from Australia, Wimmera Mail-Times newspaper chief of staff Lauren Henry reveals the sporting passion for September.

HORSHAM, Australia, is in the grip of a fever.

Footy finals fever - September is one of the most exciting months on the calendar.

There is nothing better, or more Australian, than an afternoon at the footy.

With the sun shining, consuming either a snag or hamburger from the barbecue or a meat pie, and sometimes accompanied with a social beer, there are few more popular social outings in Horsham.

Footy finals in the Wimmera draw big crowds.

While not on the scale of the 80,000 mark you will see for an AFL match at the MCG, the thousands that go along to the Wimmera Football League or Horsham District League finals make for quite an atmosphere.

In regional areas, football games, Australian Rules Football, are played each weekend, mostly Saturday, during winter.

Clubs are made up of football and netball teams, making it quite a family affair.

There are many clubs that people can be involved with in Horsham and the surrounding region.

Smaller towns usually have one club to represent the town, but a rural city like Horsham has three major league clubs, and several clubs in surrounding districts.

And there are a variety of ways that people can get involved with a club, whether it be a player, coach, trainer, on the committee or simply helping out in the canteen.

Football, both AFL and local, sparks plenty of conversations and banter between family, friends, work colleagues and strangers alike.

The Wimmera Mail-Times sports writers are no different to football journalists across Australia, and love this time of year.

Finals, winning premierships, is what football is all about, isn’t it?

Horsham Football Club will be aiming for 10 consecutive premierships this season.

Its an amazing feat, which will go down in history if achieved.

But there are several teams eager to break the Demons’ streak, so the next couple of finals will be interesting.

Many people see footy as just a game but for others, it can be like a second family or a significant part of their culture and way of life.

It doesn’t matter if you love or hate footy, it is entrenched in the Australian social fabric, particularly in regional areas, like Horsham.