Horsham teens holding a youth centre fundraiser today

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Eight Horsham teenagers are today running a fundraising open day at the Horsham Youth Centre, on Hurst Road.

The group of 16-17 year olds have come together after individually joining in a nationwide volunteering project, National Citizen Service.

Bromnen Beale, one of the group, said: “We all just wanted to get the experience and get new skills to give back to the community.”

She added: “It’s a place to go and have fun instead of being out and nothing to do.

“There’s lots of to do there.”

The open day is aimed to raise the profile of the youth centre and what it has to offer to more young people.

There will be sumo-wrestling suits, computer games, giant games sets, arts and crafts, and snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Young people and staff at the club are hoping donations on the day will help raise funds to improve the service’s facilities.

Dan Sneller, 28, of Haywards Heath, who has worked at the centre for six years and is the group’s team leader, said: “It’s quite amazing that a group of young people have such a passion and want to see it [the centre] improve.”

He added: “I started off going to youth clubs when I was a teenager. It made a massive impact on my life, and I wanted to pass that on to other people.”

They hope to be able to buy a new sound system, sofas, and outdoor plant boxes.

Dan explained: “Plant boxes because it’s looking very bland and not a very nice to be place outside - so to make it look like the care about the place which they do.”

James Newell, 16, of Eversfield Road, Horsham, who goes to the centre, said: “Some of the equipment isn’t as good as it should be.”

He added: “If we get new equipment it will be more enjoyable for everyone.”

The open day will take place today from 12pm to 4pm.