Horsham student wins cost of year’s tuition fees

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A STUDENT from Horsham will have his tuition fees paid for a year after winning a cash prize from a Walkabout bar.

John Aslett, a financial law student in his second year at Bournemouth University, won the prize after registering his Boomerang Card - Walkabout’s discount card that entitles holders to 20 per cent off drinks, food deals and special offers.

The prize of a year’s tuition fees - £3,500 - was reserved for just one person in the UK who had registered the card at a Walkabout bar.

John, 25, said: “I renewed my Boomerang card to get money off my drinks and ended up getting my tuition fees paid, which is such a bonus!

“The prize couldn’t have come at a better time, it’s tough enough being a student at the moment and now the Government’s saying they’ll raise tuition fees.

“At least for this year I won’t have to worry about that!”