Horsham scouts man water station at event

5th 10th Cubs Man Drinks Station at Heron Way 10K Run SUS-151028-115445001
5th 10th Cubs Man Drinks Station at Heron Way 10K Run SUS-151028-115445001

On Sunday October 4 the 5th/10th Horsham Scout Group - Bennetts Cub Pack manned the drinks station for Heron Way 10K trail run.

The station was at the half way mark by the dragon’s seat in St Leonard’s Forest where parents and Cubs which meets at the Scout HQ at Bennett’s Field, Horsham stood handing out energy bars, jelly babies and cups of water to any runner who wanted them.

The children were greeted with thank you’s and smiles by the runners, a welcome sight on an unusually sunny October day. One runner was heard to say ‘thank goodness for the cubs!”’

The children enjoyed the day, rushing to make sure there was always a full cup of water to hand out as the runners reached them, as well as picking up dropped cups and testing the occasional jelly baby to make sure they were up to standard.

With Dan the man through as last runner, the cubs started to pack up, clearing the area of tape for the usual users of St Leonard’s Forest, when a group of walkers with their dogs turned up. The cubs helped pour some of the left over water out for the dogs and chatted to the adults about where they had walked from and asking questions about the dogs.

The cubs had a fun day out, helping take part in a community event. One of 5th/10 Bennetts Cub Pack, Amelia Jupp aged 10 from Kingslea Primary School said “I really liked doing it and making people smile as they took the water. And I liked seeing the lady dressed as a bumble bee.”

Amanda Hannan (Heron Way PTA) one of the race organisers said “We were really keen to make the first ever Heron Way PTA 10 trail run and fun run a real community event.

“The day was such a great success due to the support we had from local businesses. We’ve had very positive feedback from the runners and supporters, especially mentioning how friendly and supportive the marshals were and I know the runners really appreciated the water station which was kindly manned by 5th/10th Cubs. Everyone did a fantastic job and we hope to make this an annual event.”

For more information including how to become an adult volunteer visit www.5th10thscouts.org.uk. and www.horshamscouts.com.

Article and Photograph by Peter Bosman, Section Assistant for 5th/10th Bennetts Cub pack.