Horsham’s ready in case of emergency

HORSHAM District Council’s emergency plan has been on standby should support be needed locally during the recent public disorder in other parts of England.

The council’s role in any public emergency is to support the police and emergency services, particularly as follows:

*Organise and manage rest centre facilities, such as leisure centres, for people who have been displaced

*Inspection of dangerous structures (because of fires) i.e. building control

*Providing temporary housing services to individuals and families displaced

*Providing resources and redeployment of Council staff on to other duties for clean up operations

*Advice to support the local economy and ensure business recovery

*To offer and be ready to be called upon to support other neighbouring authorities under mutual aid agreements, if required.

*Ensuring critical Horsham District Council services are maintained for 130,000 residents and around 4,000 businesses across the 205 square miles of the Horsham district, such as refuse collection and cleansing, public health and the housing of homeless people - with priority given to vulnerable residents and those in greatest need.

The Council’s emergency plan is regularly tested and was last called into action during the severe weather episodes of 2010. It is often supported by other agencies and the voluntary sector.

The plan can be called into action at any time, to support the delivery of the council’s own services and when required by the police.

Mr Roger Arthur, cabinet member for a safer and healthier district at Horsham District Council, said: “Reassuring our communities that the council has plans in place to deal with these unforeseen situations is important given the unfolding of events across the country last week.

“The council was contacted by several local residents and businesses asking if the council had arrangements in place should such events present themselves locally.

“Although the Horsham district is a low risk area for such events, we would like to reassure the community that we are prepared should it be necessary to take action.”

More information about Horsham District Council’s emergency plan can be found here: http://www.horsham.gov.uk/community/5974.aspx

More information about ensuring businesses can survive a crisis can be found here: http://www.horsham.gov.uk/community/5973.aspx

Alternatively, call Horsham District Council for advice on 01403 215125.