Horsham’s locally-important buildings protected

HORSHAM District Council’s Cabinet has adopted a ‘Local List of historic buildings’ in Horsham town.

The document, which identifies individual locally important buildings, was originally proposed by The Horsham Society, which researched many of the buildings on the list.

The list - which includes a former school, Victorian terraces, timber framed cottages and a 1930s house - highlights the range of local heritage outside the existing conservation areas and statutorily listed buildings in Horsham town.

Speaking recently, David Moore, Chairman of The Horsham Society, said:

“The Horsham Society is delighted with the adoption of the Local List.

“It will offer greater protection to individual buildings and their setting and more generally we hope it will help people become more aware of our local heritage and its importance in creating the townscapes we value.”

The document was produced by Horsham District Council, which consulted owners and occupiers, the general public and parish and neighbourhood councils within the town on the principle of a local list, the selection process and the individual properties it lists.

Development affecting the buildings on the Local List will be a material consideration during the planning process. The aim of the list is to recognise and protect the town’s local history from unsympathetic development.

Councillor Robert Nye, Leader of Horsham District Council, said: “It is important to recognise and identify the wealth of heritage we have in Horsham town and to make informed decisions about future development proposals that affect not only our statutorily listed buildings, but those of local merit too. We hope that the Local List will help us with this task.

“As Leader of Horsham District Council, I am particularly grateful to The Horsham Society for all of its hard work in helping us develop this Local List for Horsham town.”

Copies of the Local List are available online at http://www.horsham.gov.uk/files/Horsham_Town_Local_List_2011.pdf or by calling Horsham District Council on 01403 215187.