Horsham ranked fifth best place to live in UK

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HORSHAM District Council is pleased to say that the Horsham District was ranked in the top five best places to live in the UK in a new report.

Experian carried out a recent analysis and in an overall ranking the Horsham District came fifth out of 324 local authority areas in the best places to live.

When compiling the new ranking, 50 different factors were looked at, such as employment rates, life expectancy and air quality.

The report was published in The Sunday Times newspaper on Sunday 20 May 2012.

Experian explained that the District performed very well for its high OFSTED score and low level of deprivation compared to other parts of England.

It also ranked well in a number of other categories, such as high life expectancy, low levels of household poverty and the qualifications of working age population are high.

The Horsham District also featured high on the list of local authorities for ‘percentage of people who think neighbours look out for each other’.

Councillor Roger Paterson, Horsham District Council’s Cabinet Member for the Local Economy, said: “Many congratulations to the Horsham District for once again rating so high as one of the ‘Top places to live in the UK’!

“It’s wonderful to see the Horsham District is so well placed as a great place for families - specifically measured as ‘pre kids’, ‘young kids’, ‘older kids’ and ‘post kids’ - as well as being particularly highly ranked for good neighbourliness.

“Building a better quality of life for all is the Council’s top priority and we will continue to work towards the highest possible rankings.”