Horsham protest rally

MORE THAN 200 protesters have swarmed to Horsham town centre as part of today’s strike action.

Members of the National Union of Teachers are joined by public sector workers from across the county to voice their opinions over proposed pension changes in a rally expected to last until mid-day today.

Responding to the action, Francis Maude, MP for Horsham, said: “It’s disappointing that strikes have gone ahead. They will inconvenience hard working men and women across the country, at a time when we are working to get Britain back on its feet.

“Our offer is generous and fair to public sector workers and other taxpayers. Many low and middle income workers will actually receive a larger pension income at retirement.

“It is irresponsible of the unions to carry out these strikes while discussions are ongoing. Once this day of disruption is over we need to get back to the table and reach an agreement.”

However, outraged public sector workers have voiced their anger with the Horsham MP this morning.

David Hide, chairman for the Horsham Labour Party, said the proposed changes made him feel ‘sick’.

The full story will appear in tomorrow’s West Sussex County Times.