Horsham performers part of ‘spectacular’ West End show

Last Sunday, students from Stagecoach Horsham took to the stage at one of London’s most prestigious venues, Her Majesty’s Theatre, as part of an exciting programme of song, dance and musical theatre in their Summer Showcase.

Horsham’s performers, aged between nine and 16, joined a cast from 15 other Stagecoach schools from across the UK in the performing arts spectacular.

The Horsham team amused the audience with their ghoulish introduction to the characters from The Addams Family, along with long-dead Ancestors, featuring songs from the not so well known musical.

Principal of Stagecoach Horsham, Beth McLean, said: “I always feel extremely proud and privileged when I see all the hard work being transformed into a magical moment. At Stagecoach in Horsham, we always try to do something a little bit unique and unexpected – well, our students ‘are’ unique! Everyone has an unforgettable time at these national events.”

The Stagecoach team from Horsham were: Lauren Bidlake, Hope Chamberlain, Max Dodd, Eloise Duffy, Charlotte Harradine, Melissa Heron, Juliet Knapton, Katrina Lazaro-Shaw, James Martin, Claudia and Maddie Ramage, Emily Soulsby, Kayleigh Turtle, Ellie Waters, Liam Watts and Kaitlin and Cerys Yardley-Turpin.

Stagecoach Horsham is part of a network of more than 700 part-time theatre schools worldwide. Early stages classes are available for children aged four to six and main school classes take place for six to 18 year olds and are designed to build confidence and develop communication skills through performance.

Visit the www.stagecoach.co.uk/horsham or call 01293 823282.