Horsham one of top towns in UK for rise in insolvencies

Horsham figures in a new report
Horsham figures in a new report

Horsham has been named as one of the top towns with the biggest rise in insolvencies.

Horsham is second in the table, according to Experian, behind Hatfield in Hertfordshire.

While Experian stressed the overall number of insolvencies was falling across the UK, the firm noted that certain areas were faring far better than others.

For example, towns in Scotland and the North of England had enjoyed the biggest reductions, while those in the South of England had suffered the greatest deteriorations.

Andy Wills, data director at Experian Consumer Information Services, stressed it was possible to recover from becoming insolvent.

“For people still feeling the strain, higher property prices and living costs can make the road back to recovery difficult,” he said.

“Becoming insolvent, however, is not the end of the road. With patience and the right guidance it is possible for people to rebuild a positive credit history.”