Horsham mum’s new book is a sweet success

A ‘unique’ mirrored book created by a Horsham mum has gone on sale after the community pledged their support to help her publish it.

Thursday, 19th December 2013, 12:50 pm
JPCT 181213 S13500426x Tara Cresswell signing her book at Waterstones, Horsham -photo by Steve Cobb

On Saturday, December 7, ‘A Sweet Adventure’ graced the shelves in Watertones in the Carfax, where author Tara Cresswell was for her first ever book signing on Wednesday, December 18.

“It’s incredible,” said the 42-year-old, “it makes me feel really humble and I somehow managed to pull a miracle out the bag. It’s quite emotional that in their busy schedules, people have taken the time to support it.”

Inspired by her favourite story Alice in Wonderland, Tara, who has three sons Milo, 5, and identical twins Donnie and Hugo, 2, created the book to enable two children to read together.

It’s about two boys, Oogie and Boo, who enter into a magical world of all things delicious including whipped cream sheep and yoghurt rivers

After making dummy copies, she put her idea on creative project funding website ‘Kickstarter’ and in just four days, the project had already gathered 30 per cent of the total needed.

“The Kickstarter project was successful and as a result of that was that I attracted an investor,” added Tara who lives in Rusper Road. “He’s a very successful business man and ex England rugby player Victor Ubogu. He happened to see the project, loved the idea and contacted me asking how I’d feel to progress together and I readily agreed. He’s been fantastic support.”

Tara also said Waterstones got behind her work from the beginning and have already sold some copies both in store from their ‘recommended reading’ shelf and online.

“Waterstones themselves had basically been the first people I took it to before it was even properly finished and they were so supportive and helped me progress,” she said.

“When I actually opened the box to see the final book I was really nervous.

“If I wasn’t happy with it that was going to be very difficult but the front cover was just popping out. It was absolutely stunning and I must admit, I am my own worst critic, but I was really proud,” she revealed.

The story is written in rhyme and colourfully illustrated, symmetrically spread across a double page by Bristol-based artist Loch Ness Based on her twins, who appeared in BBC Drama Call The Midwife when they were babies, the book is about two boys, Oogie and Boo, who enter into a magical world of all things delicious.

Tara has also already written her second book ‘A Veggie Adventure’.

“I’ve only literally just received the published book so I haven’t had much time to take it further than locally but I will be targeting wholesalers nationally,” she added.

“Just before Christmas I feel so grateful to get it into a store so quickly and at this point I couldn’t have done any more so I’m really chuffed.”