Horsham mum braves North Pole challenge

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A HORSHAM mum of three will be a battling the elements in a gruelling marathon at the North Pole.

Sue Bradford, 44, of Highlands Road, is a self-confessed andrenaline junkie but the 26.2 mile marathon in sub-zero temperatures will be her biggest challenge yet.

The veterinary receptionist will be raising money for St Catherine’s Hospice in Crawley.

Her past escapades include abseiling down Guy’s Hospital for the British Heart Foundation and taking part in an arctic trek for Cancer Research.

Sue also took part in the London Marathon ten years ago to raise money for charity.

She said: “I’m terrified about this marathon, as I’m getting nearer but I’m determined too.

“My kids said they are really proud and friends and family have been really supportive.”

Six years ago Sue was diagnosed with a heart defect called bicuspid aortic valve.

She discovered the condition when she was giving a bone marrow transplant to a young girl who had leukaemia.

Sue said: “When I found out I almost wished I didn’t know because I wanted to keep active.”

But with medication, she can continue to keep fit but can only take part in some activities.

She said: “At first I wanted to do a jump out of an aeroplane but the doctors said it would be too much for my heart.

“I can do the marathon but I do need to take it steady.”

Sue will take part in the challenge on April 7 and will be joined by people from across the world.

The North Pole Marathon is the only marathon run on water. Sue will run on Arctic ice floes, with as little as 6 feet separating them from the icy Arctic Ocean.

The hardest part of her training is finding somewhere with similar temperatures to the North Pole.

She said: “I have done a lot of running and training for it- I’m still looking for cold places though.

“I used Chichester College’s climate chamber which dropped to minus 21 degrees and had a wind turbine.

“But I’m hoping to find somewhere colder.”

Sue has been working hard to raise funds for the hospice and will be holding a fundraising evening at Jade City Chinese Restaurant in Horsham.

She has also received £300 from Novartis.

To help Sue in her fundraising efforts visit www.justgiving.com/Sue-Bradford2.