Horsham man creates charity groupon site

JPCT 090812 Anthony Stonham. Local Market Place. Photo by Derek Martin
JPCT 090812 Anthony Stonham. Local Market Place. Photo by Derek Martin

An IT whiz has created a charitable business promoting local independent companies after wanting to do something meaningful in his home town.

Anthony Stonham, 33, had his own IT company in London until November last year when he and his wife, Anna, 32, a lawyer turned horse groom, decided there was more to life than relentless hours and commutes.

Said Anthony: “We have always earned a lot of money. But last year we decided there’s more to life than money and we both moved into jobs that we’ve always wanted to do.

“We’ve always wanted to own a dog for example and doing what I’m doing now, working in Horsham, has allowed us the time to have one.”

The entrepreneur’s new business, which has been running online since July and has made £600 for charity in the last three weeks, allows local independent businesses to offer promotions whilst simultaneously raising money for charity.

The Sycamore Avenue resident also opened a shop on Wednesday (August 15) in the Carfax, opposite Waitrose, in which he is promoting the four charities and 20 traders already on board, which include Sakakini Jewellers; Carmela’s restaraunt; Darchini; Veasey and Sons and the Horsham Market.

Anthony said: “It’s a privilege for me to get a glimpse into such a wide range of business, it’s like a business pick-n-mix for me

“Times are tough so there needs to be something co-operative and collaborative to allow traders to expand without taking big risks.”

As a boy Anthony kept four part time jobs while studying for A levels and by the age of 25 he had set up his first company, but this new business has been the most exciting so far.

“The charity angle is a huge motivator. That’s what often wakes me up at 3am eager to get cracking”.

For more information visit www.localmarketplace.biz. or email anthony@localmarketplace.biz.